Wilson Tru32 Indoor/Outdoor Hybrid Pickleball - the most durable ball ever! Our top choice for clubs.

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Mypickleball's note: We can ship up to 12 balls for $10.60 postage. You could get a few for your friends or club if you don't need that many.

These balls NEVER crack or go soft. Guaranteed. Used outdoors by the 360-member Ryde 'Pickleball in the Park' club for 2 years. Can be used indoors in winter to avoid cracking which occurs with many indoor balls played at cold temperatures.

What to expect: A little slower than Franklin X40 and 10% less bounce but they don't ever go soft. They never crack, even in cold weather. Can be used indoors.

TRU32 sets a new standard for true pickleball performance thanks to two defining characteristics: hole pattern and composition. Featuring a patented 32-hole design with even distribution, this ball rotates evenly on any axis for superior flight and bounce consistency. To mitigate the limited durability of injection-moulded balls, TRU32 comprises an innovative proprietary formula that impressively extends the court life of the ball. Made in the USA and approved by the USAPA for competitive play, TRU32 introduces new possibilities to injection-moulded pickleball performance.