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SALE! Ronbus R1 Pulsar pickleball paddle | fast & light, more pop & spin - thermoform with foam injected edge!

SALE! Ronbus R1 Pulsar pickleball paddle | fast & light, more pop & spin - thermoform with foam injected edge!

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Paddle Features and Technologies
  • All court paddle with some extra power & pop that excels in the speed of play but also has a consistent control for soft game
  • Unibody solid construction via thermoforming
  • Increased sweet spot area via foamed edge and perimeter weighting
  • Raw Toray T700 Japanese carbon fiber with longer lasting textured finish provides maximum spin
  • 5.5" long handle ideal for two-handed backhand
  • Balanced weight distribution with a standard shape

The R1 Pulsar’s traditional thermoformed design gives it greater power compared to all the other Ronbus paddles, particularly in shorter swings when countering speed ups or speeding up the ball at the net. Falling within the all-court category, this paddle delivers an excellent blend of power and control. It does, however, feature a stiffer feel compared to non-Pulsar paddles from Ronbus which can take some getting used to and may be more difficult to connect with for some players. Despite this, when compared to other thermoformed paddles on the market, it is one of the less stiff feeling options available.

One of the key benefits of the Ronbus Pulsar series is the larger sweet spots and greater forgiveness found in these paddles, making them an excellent all-around option for a variety of playing styles. Additionally, despite its elongated shape, it features a lighter swing weight, which allows for easier maneuverability compared to many other paddles on the market – including the R3 Pulsar, which will be discussed next.

Who is this good for? Anyone seeking more offensive ability and a step up in power than what a control paddle offers will like the R1 Pulsar. It gives you a boost in offensive ability without losing too much control. Combine that with its big spin and lighter swing weight makes this a very approachable all-court style paddle.