Ronbus R1 Nova Pickleball paddle

Ronbus R1 Nova Pickleball Paddle | Crisp feel - great for 3rds & resets | Gen 3 NO "DELAM" OR CRUSHED CORE!!

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Paddle Features and Technologies

  • Gen 3 patent pending edge grid technology releases internal pressure during unibody thermoforming preventing 'core crushing'
  • Control enabled by the flexibility of the edge grid technology, excels in the speed of play, and still has the power to rival Gen 2 thermoforming paddles
  • Increased sweet spot area via foamed edge and perimeter weighting
  • Raw Toray T700 carbon fibre with longer lasting, finer textured finish provides maximum spin
  • Extra-long handle ideal for two-handed backhand

    It’s a different take on the popular thermoformed style paddles that gives it some more offensive options than the R1.16 and the R3.16 though I would still consider it a control type paddle. Albeit a more offensive styled control paddle. It has a crisper feel than the R1.16 and R3.16 but it’s not as stiff as the Ronbus Pulsar series, which I talk about next.

    It offers similar power from the baseline as the Pulsar series but feels softer and is less poppy which makes it easier to reset balls and execute softer shots better than the Pulsar series but not quite as good as the two paddles mentioned above. Its combo of good baseline power and softer touch at the net makes it really attractive.

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