Hudef Viva Pro pickleball paddle | elongated thermoform with foam injected edge | 16 mm or 14 mm

Hudef Viva Pro pickleball paddle | elongated thermoform with foam injected edge | 16 mm or 14 mm

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Mypickleball's note:  IGNORE REVIEWS THAT SAY THIS PADDLE'S HONEYCOMB FAILS. That was an old batch from April 2023 and the issue was resolved. Hudef replaced every single one and still offers a lifetime warranty against defect while other brands offer 3-6 months.
An excellent paddle especially for resets and thirds - ie a paddle with thermoformed edges but with the plush feel for high control. If you are being smashed by aggressive players and your blocks are flying out the court - TRY THIS! 
The VIVA Pro is the perfect blend of spin and power. A truly versatile paddle that delivers on what you're looking for. Larger sweet spot due to injected edge foam. Power, pop and spin are intermediate between Gen 1 and Gen 2 thermoforms... hence nicknamed "Gen 1.5". Not as stiff as your typical thermoform and more like the Vatic Prism.

Hudef's more than 10 years experience manufacturing pickleball paddles as well as it's use of hot-mould / thermoform technology for manufacturing padel rackets has allowed it to solve numerous issues in the manufacturing process.

The VIVA Pro’s T700 Raw Carbon face provides increased friction, generating more spin on your shots. The edge is thermoform sealed and has been injected with foam. All new 100% TPU edge guard offers maximum protection and increased durability. The 14mm paddle produces increased power. The 16mm paddle provides more control.

The VIVA Pro is everything you could ever want in a paddle.

● Face: T700 raw carbon fibre
● Thermoformed edges and Injected with foam
● Shape: Elongated
● Weight: 7.8-8.3 oz
● Core Material: Polypropylene honeycomb
● Length: 16.5"
● Width: 7.4"
● Thickness: 0.55"(14mm)/0.63"(16mm)
● Grip Length: 5.5"
● Grip Circumference: 4 1/8"
● Skill Level: Beginner to Pro

 USA Pickleball (USAPA) Approved 

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