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Selkirk Evo Soft XL Pickleball Paddle - Long Handle, Elongated Face

Selkirk Evo Soft XL Pickleball Paddle - Long Handle, Elongated Face

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Long handle, extra reach version of the Evo Soft Max.

Brings versatility, a huge sweet spot, and excellent control all together in one design. The thick 16 mm (0.63") polymer core creates a soft feel that still results in a reactive and precise response on impact. The handle combines comfort and tack so that your grip is firm and resists slipping. A low profile edge guard allows for maximum use of surface area while protecting against scrapes and bumps.

G8-Flex Carbon Fibre face. This is a highly rigid material that offers long-term consistency and durability while offering a gentle touch and excellent feedback. Ultra-Comfort Grip that adds just the right amount of cushioning. 16.4" long x 7.4" wide - generous striking surface area with extra reach.

Offers a generous sweet spot and exceptional feel so you can more intuitively seize on opportunities during play.

Weight: 7.6 - 8.1 oz - Paddle length: 16.4" - Handle length: 5.75" - Paddle width: 7.4" - Grip: 4.25"

Weight: 210 - 225 g - Paddle length: 41.7 cm - Handle length: 14.6 cm - Paddle width: 18.8 cm - Grip: 10.8 cm

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