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Gearbox GX6 Power 8.5 oz - no rim - extra reach!

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There's a difference between a great pickleball paddle and a GX6 game changer!
-- with Joey Farias's signature on it!
  • Longer handle - extra reach - double handed shots
  • No rim - higher surface area - reduced mis-hits
  • Solid carbon - no honeycomb - no soft spots
  • Boosted power
  • Slim frame aerodynamics - fast & responsive
  • Thinner grip for comfort & wrist roll 

Choose this POWER OPTION for:

  • aggressive game style at the baseline or net
  • those that like to drive the ball
  • playing against the wind.

You will really notice the aerodynamics from the slim frame - this paddle slices through the air in a fast, responsive manner with excellent torque control. It feels balanced and stable, assisting wrist roll for ball spin.

Entire paddle face is made from optimally arranged patented carbon fibre chambers offering:

  • Amazingly soft feel and sound with vibration dampener
  • Massive sweet spot

USAPA approved for tournaments. 1 year warranty.

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