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Dinkum® Legend. USAPA approved. Textured carbon boosts control. 10% off!

Dinkum® Legend. USAPA approved. Textured carbon boosts control. 10% off!

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The carbon surface of this paddle is textured - not just a skin - for a lifetime of greater ball responsiveness, control & spin! 

All Dinkum® paddles are designed & tested in Australia and come with a no-questions asked unlimited warranty. We've had no returns to date!

Same day shipping from Sydney.

USAPA approved for tournament play.

  • Textured carbon surface boosts control & spin!
  • Enhanced poly core - massive sweet spot!
  • The most comfortable high quality grip around
  • The most advanced Dinkum® paddle in the series

What Aussie players have to say:
"Very lightweight and lets you slice with better control."
"Good all round on the sweet spot and around the edges. Great for spin shots!"
"Easily the most comfortable padded grip available."

Grip Weight Total
4.25" 7.8 - 8.0 oz 15.7" 4.7" 11" 7.8"
11 cm 220 - 230 g 40 cm 12 cm 28 cm 20 cm

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